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CCTV Installations & CCTV Services

CCTV Installations And Service

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is becoming increasingly recognised as the most effective way of protecting people & property on your premises. At Barrenjoey Locksmiths & Alarms we can service or design & install a variety of CCTV systems to meet your requirements & budget.


Changes in technology have meant that gone are the days of searching through hours of tape to find an incident caught on CCTV. You can now search on exact time of event if known, or you can search any events in any given time so as to check for what your looking for.

Residential CCTV Installations

We can set up your system so as you can remotely access your system via an IP address over the internet. This can be a great advantage , especially utilising this feature in conjunction with your back to base alarm system. If you get a call from your monitoring center to advise of an activity of your alarm you can check if your property is ok before advising on an action, saving you unnecessary expense of sending patrols on false alarms.



OH&S is becoming ever more important in your premises, have our highly trained & professional staff advise you on an CCTV system that not only protects your property but also can track any OH&S incident that may arise. We can advise on areas that may be acceptable to OH&S situations.

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Business Or Commercial Grade Alarms?

If you are interested in our Business Alarm System product range, please visit our commercial site on
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There are many options now available for choosing the best way to get the most out of your alarm system, whether you want your alarm system back to base monitored, private monitored reporting to your mobile phone, or just a local non monitored alarm, the choice is yours.

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