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  • Access Control Systems

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Commercial Access Control Systems

Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms can design an access control system for almost any possible situation, from a single stand-alone door to large systems with hundreds of doors with elevators, garage doors, boom gates etc integrated into the system.

Professionally Installed Access Control

Access Control Systems to Protect People and Assets.

An access control system is designed to allow access to authorised personnel in & out of premises while restricting visitors and the public from gaining access to restricted areas.

An access control system can also be managed by software on a networked computer to add or remove users, check on any movements with reports and provide management of occupational health and safety of hazardous areas.

Medium to high-security level situations require the added security of normally using something physical in your possession, like a swipe card, smart card or key fob. These types of systems can be managed by software via a computer, to add & remove users, allow access at certain times of the day, create reports of movement & more.

Also now available in access control systems and becoming more available & common are biometric readers. Bio-metric readers identify a unique physical characteristic feature like fingerprints, iris identification or hand geometry. For the highest possible security risk levels we can design a combination of any of the above applications, also including one of our restricted master key systems and a CCTV camera system.


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When you choose Barrenjoey Locksmiths you’re choosing locksmiths who know their work like the back of their hand and can get you the solution you’re after. Our locksmiths are able to provide high-quality services to customers throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches area and help them feel safe and secure in their homes or businesses.

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