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Security Alarm Monitoring

When an alarm is activated, it normally triggers a siren and flashing strobe light. Have you ever ignored the sound of an alarm going off? I think most of us have at one time or another and have assumed that someone else has taken care of it.

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Security Isn’t The Only Reason To Have Your House Monitored

What about the smoke alarms? The same principle can be said about ignoring hearing smoke alarms, until its too late. We can organised your house to be monitored for your smoke detectors to ensure the fastest possible response to a fire in your premises.


Do You Have Someone With A Medical Condition Living With You?

Why not have a medi alarm monitored to ensure that in an emergency help can be sent on the way. ‘Duress’ or ‘Hold Up’alarms can also be organised for any commercial situation, if you have a business that may attract this sort of situation, contact us about a duressmonitored button for your safety and protect your property. ‘Panic’ or ‘Emergency’ house monitored activation can also be another way to ensure your safety. Remember the more steps you take to ensure the security of your premises and the safety of your occupants will come back to you in substantially cheaper insurance in most cases.

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