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  • Smart Devices – The Latest Trends in Home Alarms

Home alarm and security products are becoming more popular because of increasing crime rates and awareness about the need for household protection. Recent technological advances have made it easier than ever for homeowners to invest in smart and efficient security solutions such as alarms, CCTV and smart devices.

The biggest emerging trends to help you gain peace of mind this year and in years to come include the focus on device interconnectivity, stretching home security applications beyond your simple alarm or door code and increased demand for remote access solutions.

Smart Devices & AI

Home security has expanded beyond traditional alarm, CCTV and door lock methods to improve and increase the variety of home security devices they offer. These include smart lights, garage door openers, fire and flood sensors, biometric devices and much more. The increased number of sensors and devices available ensure that your home is as secure as possible. All these smart devices are connected and linked to your device of choice to allow users easy access and control of all areas of their smart home system. This control can also be supported by your AI systems being brought into your monitoring process. Connecting your Alexa, Google Home and many more Artificial Intelligence devices to your system is seen to be the biggest movement this year. Allowing these devices to monitor your smart home system has a great potential for cutting down on false alarms and reducing response times to threats by automating the whole alerting process.

Self-Monitoring vs Professional Monitoring

AI monitoring is a similar idea to professionally monitored systems where an external monitoring company contacts you and/or emergency services in the event of an alarm trigger. This can save you precious time and be very effective if you cannot be on call yourself every moment of the day. However, many systems are making the alternative easier for homeowners with the option to remotely connect to your home system and/or security cameras to review the alarm trigger and respond.

Remote Access

Home alarm systems that offer remote arming, disarming and viewing of the system have been bolstered by advances in cloud-based technology. These security systems let homeowners monitor their homes over the internet or even view what is going on inside their houses from anywhere remotely. Cloud networks allow this wireless connection by storing the information and allowing access from remote devices. These systems are becoming easier to use and will undoubtedly expand further for increased user-friendly and reliable self-monitoring.

Data Privacy

With these smart devices increasing in popularity in homes, the advances in their technology also raise another trend of focus in the coming years, device security and personal privacy. The revolutionary interconnectivity and wireless connections to these devices, although extremely helpful to users do pose vulnerabilities. Increased security measures to protect the information being shared wirelessly across devices and platforms is a key focus for security providers moving forward.


Where Barrenjoey comes in….

At Barrenjoey, we offer and install a full range of access control systems and smart locks to protect your home or business. Our products and installation services make access control easier than ever and provide tailored systems for every home or office configuration.

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