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  • How To Improve Home Security Before Going on Holiday

You’ve packed your bags and purchased your tickets, you’re all set to leave for a great holiday, but you might be forgetting something…

There are so many things to arrange when you’re getting ready to travel. You have to pack, make arrangements for pet care, water the plants, make sure all the utilities are switched off, and so on. It’s normal that you’ll forget certain things when there’s so much that demands your attention.

But among all the things that could possibly be forgotten, the security of your home shouldn’t be one of them.

Here are some of our top tips from our Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms home security experts to ensure your property is safe and sound.

Don’t leave a hide-a-key out.

As simple as this sounds, the key you keep outside in case you get locked out is a very easy way for an intruder to gain access to your home. Thieves are very good at finding spare keys, don’t trust the fake rock or planter will keep your key secure. Before going on holidays, bring the key inside to ensure the security of your home.

Secure all windows and doors.

With day-to-day use, it’s easy to forget to check that your windows and doors are locked before you leave – but that’s okay because you’ll be coming home later that day. The chance of thieves or intruders seeing these vulnerabilities is lower since it’s a short period of time. But if you’re leaving on a multi-week holiday – the chances an intruder uses these as their opening to gain access to your home increases dramatically.

It’s essential you spend a few minutes just before you leave to make sure all entry points are securely closed and locked. This will save you future stress – especially if you block the window or door tracks (with anything like a dowel, a broomstick, or a pipe) to ensure that the door or window cannot be forced open. This means intruders cant jimmy open your windows – instead they may break the glass but this will cause much more noise meaning they are more likely to draw attention and get caught.

Make the Home look occupied

If your home appears occupied, intruders and burglars will be deterred. This is getting simple thanks to modern technology to keep your house secure while you’re away. You can utilise automation and smart home gadgets to fool criminals into thinking you’re still at home while you’re away. There are many ways to create the illusion someone is home such as the following:

Automatic Lights

Put the lights on an automated timer so that they will come on at a different time each night. Smart sockets are also available, allowing you to remotely connect and control them via an app to switch them on while you’re gone. Use exterior lights that are motion activated and come on whenever someone enters your property. Set your timers, but don’t simply leave it at that. If the same lights come on at the same time, smart intruders will notice. Instead, switch up your routine and manually turn on and off gadgets using applications to confuse them.

Stop your mail

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that no one is at home if there are parcels on the front porch, a mailbox full of mail, and a pile of newspapers in the driveway. Worse so, these are obvious indications that no one has been home for a while, making your home an ideal target for a break-in. Ask your local post office to hold your mail or make arrangements for someone to pick up your mail and deliveries while you’re gone.

Curtains and blinds

Although you might be tempted to close all the curtains and blinds in your home before you leave in an effort to keep others from looking in, it’s doubtful it works. It’s crucial to be careful with this activity since it could make others notice your absence more. Consider leaving your blinds and curtains in a setting that’s more reminiscent of how they are on a regular basis. While you’re away, follow your normal routine and decide to leave them open or closed.

Keep a car in the driveway

If you don’t need your vehicle for your holiday, keeping your car parked in the driveway is a great way to boost home security while you’re away. The goal is to give the impression that someone is home even while they’re not, and leaving a car in the driveway is a great way to do this.

Keep your gardens tidy

If your garden is usually trimmed and tidy, then it may appear overgrown while you are away. This signals to potential burglars that nobody is home. You can ask a friend, neighbour or landscaper to take care of your garden while you’re away.

Call in a trusted neighbour or friend

Alternatively, you can arrange for a dependable house sitter to stay at your place while you’re gone rather than just making it appear as though someone is there. With a house sitter, your home will always be inhabited, preventing the bulk of burglaries that take place when a property is vacant and susceptible. They can maintain the garden, collect mail, water plants and even pet sit for you. Not only are you keeping your property maintained, but these small actions will also deter intruders and ensure the safety of your property.

Avoid giving away too many details

According to a recent survey, in more than half of home burglaries, the offender is a person the homeowner knows and trusts. If you share information about your plans online, you have no idea who may get that data and use it to break into your home.

Get a home security system

Gain peace of mind and enjoy your holiday knowing your home is secure and protected with a home security system. At Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms we provide a wide range of home security systems to secure your home when you’re on holiday. With a range of security features including motion sensors, smart door locks, remote access, cctv video surveillance, alarms, window sensors and system monitoring, our range of home security systems and access control systems will ensure your home is secure and that the authorities will be notified immediately if an intruder is detected. A home security system is a major deterrent to intruders and burglars.

 Add extra security features

Adding more home security components, such as smart locks, a safe or security screens and doors, are tried-and-true methods of boosting protection in your house. Your valuables can be protected in a specialised safe behind security screens and a home security system. These security features can help provide additional security to your home.


Where Barrenjoey Locksmiths comes in…

When it comes to home security, ensuring your security systems are selected and installed effectively makes all the difference. Barrenjoey Locksmiths expert team are available to guide you through the process of selecting and curating the right system to suit your home and household needs. Whether you are looking for a CCTV Camera system, a home alarm system, back-to-base monitoring, an intercom, or a more holistic smart home security system, Barrenjoey Locksmiths can arrange a site visit and consultation to secure your home. Our home security services also include deadlock and window lock services, rekeying, security screens and doors as well as lock-out and lock repair services. We are also available to help if you have lost your car keys, are locked out of your vehicle or need a new transponder key – call our 24/hr emergency lockout line.

Barrenjoey Locksmiths services the entire Northern Beaches region and the North Shore of Sydney and our mobile workshops can deliver most repair or replacement jobs on the spot without lengthy delays. Contact us today to discuss your home and car security needs.

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