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  • 8 Common Home Security Mistakes

The security of your home is crucial – there isn’t many things more significant to you than your property and family. When it comes to securing your home, a home security system is proven to not only help alert yourself and authorities of any intruders – but also serve as a deterrent. Majority of thieves will avoid a house with a home security system and will seek out weaker targets.

However, even if you have a home security system, you may still be falling for one of these common home security mistakes which could put your home in danger. Although you may believe that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep your house safe, there are several frequent errors that individuals make that can make them more exposed than they may realise.

So what are the worst security mistakes you can make? And how can you avoid them!

1. Failing to lock windows and doors

It’s obvious, but leaving windows or doors unsecured is one of the worst things you can do to preserve the security of your property. You may think that a thief or burglar would be ready to force their way into your house, but they frequently opt for entry points that require the least amount of work and have the least noticeable impact since they don’t want to call attention to themselves. Nothing makes it simpler than letting them walk straight in by leaving the door unlocked.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t assuming locked doors and windows are enough protection. One way to prevent an intruder gaining entry through an unlocked or locked door is by placing a security camera outside your front door to create a sense that someone is watching. Another option is to invest in a sensor system that can tell if a door or window is opened. Internet-connected smart locks may even allow you to lock the door from anywhere, and some systems will alert you when a lock has been left unlocked so you can address it.

2. Having a common hidden key location

A extra home key stashed outdoors is very convenient for if you lock yourself outside of the house. Its also very convenient for any criminals looking to gain easy access to your home. The majority of homeowners “hide” their key in plain sight, where a thief will find it right away. Put that key somewhere other than the welcome mat!

The ideal place to hide a key is farther away from the home. Only when concealed amid objects that are similar to it, such as real rocks, is a disguised object, such as a fake rock, beneficial. Even better still, place your key inside a lock box that needs a code to open or one that has a PIN-based keypad. Smart locks may also be remotely unlocked, allowing you to let someone inside even while you’re not present. Don’t make a criminal’s life simple!

3. Not installing Automatic lights

While a static or timed lighting option will provide some protection, they can also provide continuous areas of darkness perfect for a burglar to hide in. Automatic lights activated through motion sensors are a far more effective option. You still have lights, but they can catch someone looking about the house by surprise, and most attackers are scared off by surprises. Additionally, the abrupt shift may draw notice by any neighbours or pass-byers. Motion sensors also conserve energy, which results in cheaper electricity costs and more durable light bulbs.

4. Not maintaining your home security technology

Security tools including security cameras, smart locks, and alarms have been made possible by smart home technology. However, technology also presents a lot of potential points of failure for your security system that you might not be aware of. Think about how your smart home security systems work. Do they utilise batteries or a plug-in power source? After any power loss, make sure your plugged-in electronics are functional. Additionally, ensure sure the security system software is updated regularly. If you don’t, your equipment can become broken or faulty and you might be vulnerable to cybersecurity assaults.

Similarly, installing fake security cameras, alarm signs or even ‘beware of the dog’ signs are not effective in deterring burglars. They may give you some peace of mind but burglars are smart enough to case their targets and home security illusions will not fool them for long. The only true deterrent is a modern home security system with cctv technology, sensors, alarms and remote access options.

5. Having your alarm system panel visible from outside

Alarm systems are fantastic tools, however occasionally some installation teams don’t adequately instruct clients during installation. Too frequently, workers place the control pad where a first-floor window can view it. This enables potential intruders line of sight to see inside and determine whether the security system is on. If they know the system is off, that alarm company yard sign won’t mean much, especially at night when the green or red status light flashes like a beacon in a pitch-black house. Burglars will have to assume if the system is armed if the control panel is hidden from view, which frequently discourages them from trying to break in. Make sure your alarm system panel is hidden from view from the outside of the house – better to be safe than sorry.

6. Failing to Arm your Alarm system

If you’re not going to utilise your alarm system, what’s the point? Too many times, people leave the house without arming the alarm. Burglars are frequently opportunistic and will target residences that appear simple to enter. They will be more inclined to try to break into your house if they notice that your alarm system is not set to “on”. Make sure you always arm your alarm system before leaving the house to prevent this. A smart home automation system may be configured to arm your alarm system automatically when you leave.

7. Not securing your house while you are away for long periods of time

When you’re leaving for a holiday or trip, its important to secure your house effectively and ensure the property looks lived in to deter intruders. You can read some top tips from our Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms home security experts to ensure your property is safe and sound while on holiday.

8. Relying on Self Monitoring your system

In today’s age, relying on self-monitoring your security is not enough. Monitoring is a full-time task, which is why security companies provide the service. You’ll need to check on your camera or alarm in case anything harmless set it off. When your camera notices a real break-in, you could be preoccupied and unable to promptly check on it. While there are methods you may use to monitor your security system on your own, if you have the money, you might want to think about hiring a security firm to keep an eye on alarms for you. Still, self-monitoring your security system is preferable to having none at all.


It’s crucial to maintain your house secure, because you want to protect both your family and your house. The last thing you want to do is make a clear error that puts your home security at jeopardy. To ensure that your house is safe, take care to keep away from common home security mistakes.


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