Home fire alarm system installation Sydney

Home fire alarm system installation


Home fire alarm system installation Sydney

Home fire alarm system installation Sydney

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The Importance of Professional Home Alarm System Installation

Recently, a case in Jackson, Michigan went to the District Court, over a home security firm that overstepped its bounds with a resident. How did the case unfold? The installer involved was working for another firm when he responded to a call for a home inspection and price quote for a new security system. (Which is the standard procedure for prospective clients) The owner of the home said that the installer wore a company shirt and never mentioned another company besides the company logo he wore. However, in a follow up email he gave two price quotes to the homeowner, both companies that he represented. The homeowner was not pleased, as she did not request a quote from the second company.

Sowhy Home fire alarm system installation Sydney? What was the law allegedly broken? (The case is still being tried) In Missouri, businesses must have a license to install systems, but do not require a license to sell. However, the homeowner sued the individual and company involved, because an unlicensed company offered to sell an installation, and without a direct request. What does this case indicate about professional home installations?

It shows the responsibility that security companies have to provide professional installation, and to do so ethically and strictly according to law. Clients are understandably very guarded when it comes to allowing someone inside their home and place a great deal of trust in a technician. Cases like the one mentioned could compromise a homeowner’s trust even it involves a relatively small detail. The result? Homeowners may not trust home security companies and may decide to install the system on their own.

Bad idea, considering that the best security systems are very high-tech. A homeowner installing a security system on his or her own could prove to be risky, not only in immediate safety (since the person will be working with electronic equipment) but also in the long run. If a system is not hooked up properly then it may malfunction during emergencies. All of these worries are enough to discourage a homeowner from shopping for a security system at all.

This is why every security company should strive to keep its dealings with customers professional, licensed and certified, and according to contract. Read more about Home fire alarm system installation Sydney

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