Home alarm system installation repair Sydney

Home alarm system installation repair Sydney


Home alarm system installation repair Sydney? Call 02 9938 6600

We supply and install easy to operate domestic alarm systems designed to meet your security requirements & budget. We can cater to any size system required, designed to your needs, the system would incorporate any number of code pads, strobe light & sirens, detectors, reed switches and pendants.

Are you building a new House, Office or Warehouse? This is the best time to start planning your new alarm system. We can design & quote your alarm system from the plans. We can then run any cables needed while your premises is under construction, saving us time & you money... more about alarm installations and service

We also offer:

home alarm system installation Sydney tip: When an alarm is activated, it normally triggers a siren and flashing strobe light. Have you ever ignored the sound of an alarm going off? I think most of us have at one time or another and have assumed that someone else has taken care of it.

Even if someone had contacted the Police, more than likely they wouldn’t respond, not straight away anyway. Police are demanding that alarm activation are verified and that the key holders have been contacted and are on their way... more about back to base monitoring

An access control system is designed to allow access to authorized personnel & materials, in & out of a premises, while restricting visitors and the public from gaining access to restricted areas. An access control system can also be managed by software on a networked computer to add or remove users, check on any movements with reports and to provide management of occupational health & safety of hazardous areas.

Barrenjoey Locksmiths & Alarms can design an access control system for almost any possible situation, from a single stand alone door to large systems with hundreds of doors with elevators, garage doors, boom gates etc integrated into the system... more about access control systems

A visitor will arrive at your entry point at which time they will ring a buzzer or door bell on the entrance station, this will ring to the appropriate room station. You will then be able to talk and/or see your visitor to ensure you want to give them access. At this time you press the door release button which unlocks the door, normally with an electric strike.

home alarm system installation Sydney from Barrenjoey Locksmiths & Alarms can service or install all types of intercom systems for your home, office or strata complex. Complete design, supply & installation of new systems in conjunction with our Locksmiths to ensure correct locks are installed to work with your intercom system while giving you security, and complying with fire regulations... more about intercom systems

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV is becoming increasingly recognized as the most effective way of protecting people & property on your premises. At Barrenjoey Locksmiths & Alarms we can service or design & install a variety of CCTV systems to meet your requirements & budget.

Changes in technology have meant that gone are the days of searching through hours of tape to find an incident caught on CCTV. You can now search on exact time of event if known, or you can search any events in any given time so as to check for what your looking for. .. more about home alarm system installation Sydney

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