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Smart Surveillance – The Latest Trends in CCTV Systems.


Smart Surveillance – The Latest Trends in CCTV Systems.


Switching to CCTV is no longer as simple as installing a camera on a wall. CCTV systems’ security credentials now extend beyond only recording and allow sophisticated surveillance and the ability to monitor a variety of environments.


CCTV systems are used by both large and small businesses and homeowners to deter burglars and offer recorded evidence of security occurrences. Businesses and homeowners today expect quick, safe, and anytime access to cameras and data which can be provided by CCTV capabilities to give real-time intrusion detection and monitoring. For this to be effective, networked CCTV systems should be put in place. Wi-Fi and Mobile Network (Cellular) connectivity can assist these modern installations, allowing businesses and individuals to better protect their spaces and ensure the site is monitored 24 hours a day, with real-time footage available on hand.


Connected capabilities can now be fully achieved through Wi-Fi – and the Mobile Network in particular – CCTV installations. They can provide approved users safe access to real-time feeds from any location at any time.


This Smart Surveillance eliminates the requirement of security personnel’s constant monitoring as intrusions or motion detection can trigger alerts and provide a real-time image of what’s going on, allowing for an immediate response.


Of course, in order to take advantage of these CCTV features, systems must be connected seamlessly. Connectivity must be scalable and cost-effective to suit individuals, whilst maintaining their ability to offer a continuous feed – even if the primary connection is interrupted. It must also be secure for authorised users. Traditionally, connectivity has been provided by cable connections and more recently, WiFi, but Mobile Network connectivity has emerged as a very effective option.


While this technology aids in protecting individuals and properties, it also helps in removing human error from the equation. This essentially involves passing our trust from people to technology. As a result, for smart technology to behave as expected, it must be connected to a secure network.


CCTV used to be a single-application installation that only allowed for on-site recording. Smart Surveillance through connected CCTV systems mean remote observation, detection alerts and high-quality visuals are now possible.


They are able to send out alerts and back them up with real-time video feeds, allowing authorised personnel to quickly observe the problem and take action. These new features allow for more diverse CCTV applications to suit individual’s needs.

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